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Slenderman’s Shadow: Elementary Review

Slenderman’s Shadow: Elementary is based on the highly acclaimed PC game by the same name. It’s a point-and-click mystery adventure game where your goal is to uncover the truth behind the death of a high-class college student. Follow detective Willy Wonka as he searches the local library for clues to the mystery of his missing friend, Slenderman. If you’re looking for something a little different in the genre, then you’ll definitely want to check out this one. I’ll list a couple of its strong points to give you a good idea of what to expect.

Story: Well, the story is definitely a standard mystery, but it manages to be much more atmospheric than your typical mystery. The atmosphere combined with the point-and-click gameplay keeps the game from becoming too linear, yet manages to give enough variety that it never gets dull. That’s another positive point of Slenderman’s Shadow: Elementary; it never gets old or tires easily. For the most part, I felt like each scene in the game was worth checking out just to experience it for yourself.

Music: The sound effects were quite nice as well. The score was fitting for the theme of the game as well as quite dark and gloomy. Some people might not like it, but I personally found it well suited to the overall atmosphere of the game. If you enjoy horror games but don’t particularly care for them, then this one should fit right in.




Slenderman’s Shadow: Elementary 1.1 for Windows
  1. Windows XP,
  2. Windows Vista,
  3. Windows 7
Latest update:
Friday, September 17th 2023
Marc Steene and Wray Burgess


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