Intel XDK for Windows

Intel XDK for Windows

Intel XDK is a cross platform development environment which lets you create mobile and tablet apps using HTML5 and JavaScript.

Intel XDK’s aim is to make the same source code compatible across all mobile operating systems. Intel attempts to keep the process simple by including all possible target platforms under one roof and provides you with several familiar tools to work with.

Intel XDK has all the capabilities you have come to know and love for developing mobile HTML5 apps (including Apache Cordova) for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 UAP. Intel have also included software development capabilities for Node.JS-based, on-board, and IoT apps as well.


Key Features include:

  1. One solution for IoT applications and mobile app development.
  2. All the capabilities you know for developing mobile HTML5 applications.
  3. Additional software development capabilities for IoT.
  4. Built on Web technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node-Webkit back-end.
  5. Hosted on Windows, OS X and Ubuntu Linux.

Intel XDK is a great set of tools that provides you with a simplified development environment for both native and mobile web development, in order to create cross platform mobile apps. It is a full featured IDE for building hybrid mobile applications, and includes templates, a WYSIWYG design editor, Brackets-based code editor, and an app preview & simulator. In fact, it comes with everything you could possibly need to code hybrid applications. With Intel XDK for Mac it is easier than ever to code what you want.



Intel XDK 1816 for Windows
  1. Windows 8
Latest update:
Friday, August 13th 2023
Intel Corporation


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