Basilisk for Windows

Basilisk for Windows

Straver (Free)

Basilisk is more of an ongoing project than an established product. That said, it does work pretty well, and has some less popular but interesting features. It uses the same engine and code lines as the older versions of Firefox. Speed-wise, though, it’s still nowhere near Firefox.

Stylish interface

The browser has a simple but modern design. You can also customise the colour schemes with the Theme feature. Because this is an open-source program, it’s possible to further adjust any aspect, including the interface.

Basilisk carries heavier requirements than Firefox and supports fewer versions of Windows. If you have 2GB or less RAM on your engine, it won’t run very smooth. Even at 3GB, it can be taxing on your device, depending on your activities. If you use Windows 10, this shouldn’t be a problem because all devices with this OS come with at least 4GB of RAM.


Chock full of features

Instead of having to look for extensions, you can find them on the Basilisk homepage. They offer a lot of unique and quirky add-ons. Some of these would have been Firefox properties, but never made it to the market.

Constantly updated

This app is a community project, so anyone can add their expertise to its improvement. You can submit codes via Github and create various extensions. Straver also releases updates through frequent patches to better the user experience of people using this programme.



Basilisk 1.0 for Windows
  1. Windows 8
Latest update:
Friday, August 13th 2023


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